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Projects & Clients

We understand start-ups. Our team has experience building successful digital products that help businesses grow and inspires loyalty and trust from users.

ODW - Artwork

Over the last 8 years we have had the honor or partnering with startups and public companies alike. Our work regularly includes designing brands, websites, apps, and technical marketing programs— all with CRM integrations and future-proof scalability.

Projects & Clients

We build apps for designers, devs, and marketers.


App, Web, UI/X Design, Branding
Freespoke is a news centric search engine which creates & delivers search results with rich data, breaking stories, and concise analysis on content bias & source. We worked together to standardize their UI, improve their product UX, test new features, and create new design system support for a massively expanding pool of rich data. Following the website's success we built a quicker and more robust web application, and then a cross platform mobile app released on mobile and tablet.

Beaming Health

Series A
Web, UI/X, Product Design, Branding
Beaming Health is a San Francisco based healthtech startup founded to improve care and access to care for parents with special needs children. We partnered to build the Beaming Health brand and create a one-of-a-kind custom healthcare provider database with clinic wait list data and standardized care nomenclature. Beaming then used this database to build a novel provider indexing tool which allows parents to find services, pricing, and waitlist information for special needs care and education.

The Empire State Building

Marketing, Design, Dev, WCAG
At Lorelli Associates my team put together the agency's pitch to become The Empire State Building's marketing partner through, and beyond their 2015 — 2019 Observatory redevelopment. The eventual success of this project set the groundwork for several years of advertising material which is still in use today.


Product Design, Website, Branding
Winback is a SaaS web app that provides Shopify users turnkey access to SMS marketing. We worked with the Winback team to design and develop the brand, marketing website and media. Following the website's success, we redesigned the UI/X on Winback's web app dashboards and broader gamification loops.

Stonehenge NYC

Multiple Aquisitions
Web, Design, Marketing, SEO, WCAG
Stonehenge NYC is a vertically integrated, private real estate company. We worked together on a complete rebuild of their web platform and a repositioning of their brand in the luxury rentals market.

SL Green Realty

Marketing, Design, SEO, Dev
In NYC SL Green needs no introduction. From 2016 to 2022 with Lorelli Associates, I have had the privilege of working with SLG's marketing teams to modernize and enrich the media and message for Manhattan's largest commercial real estate portfolio.

Brand Riot

Design, CRM, Web Dev
Brand Riot is a remote graphic design solution providing illustrations and illustrators at scale to businesses wanting to focus on their primary service. We built the Brand Riot website and created their lead generation and lead qualifying mechanisms alongside a suite of other in-use marketing assets.

Modern Angles

App, Web, Marketing, UI/X
Modern Angles created a real-estate photography marketplace that pairs photographers looking for work with fast moving real estate organizations. We provided full-service design support and worked with an internal development team to take Modern Angles from an idea to a profitable SaaS product. We created their brand, website, marketing materials in the first few months and launched their full web and mobile applications over the next 10 months. Less than one year since launching, Modern Angles had booked their 4000th customer.


Successful Exit
Website, SEO, CRM Development
I partnered with the Brax team to help realize the vision for, and ultimately build their new marketing website. We used Hubspot's powerful custom templating tools to utilize content creation workflows and build marketing products which fully integrate with Hubspot's CRM capabilities.

We deliver exceptional work and exceed client expectations. ODW receives rave reviews on independent platforms from founders and technical leads who have trusted us with their business year after year.

Testimonials & Reviews

Our team of expert Webflow developers can build stunning websites, easy-to-manage CMS databases, and powerful no-code products – all in Webflow.

2021 - 2023

  • App & Website
  • UI/X Design
  • Branding

Osborn Design Works has been AMAZING to work with!

"I get comments every week about our site's design, with comments ranging from 'This is beautiful' to 'Who designed your site and can I work with them asap?'. This is all thanks to Taylor. He is not just good at making things look nice - he truly approaches UX through a holistic lens. Everything comes back to how can we remove friction and make the experience as easy as possible for the user. Our company (Beaming Health) is only 4 full-time people, but because of our design we get people thinking we're a 100-person company. Designers like Taylor don't come around very often and we feel extremely lucky to get to work with him."

Christopher Olmanson

Founder of Beaming Health

2021 - 2023

  • App & Website
  • UI/X Design
  • Branding

High quality, reliable work

"We run at a fast paced startup environment and Osborn Design Works keeps up and keeps us getting high marks in the feedback we hear about our UX-UI. We wouldn't be where we are as a company without him. A high quality thinker and doer. Hard combo to find."

Kristin Jackson


2021 - 2023

  • App & Website
  • UI/X Design
  • Branding

Taylor is our go-to when we need the best

"I worked with Taylor for over a year to build my vision for a talent marketplace in a niche industry. We created the brand, website, suite of content, onboarding flows, and the whole web application from the ground up. Taylor led the charge on the visual and product design aspect of all of this work and covered multiple areas of specialization including web design, branding, UI/X design, and SAAS product design. He worked directly with our developers, on calls, on slack, whatever was needed. We used Figma for design, where Taylor componentized our web UIs around app features which helped is move to a streamlined front-end dev process using React. It's honestly been such a pleasure. Thank you!"

Anothony Acocella

Modern Angles

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