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Modern Angles

ODW is helping Modern Angles deliver real estate photography at scale

2021 - 2024
Website Design, App UI/X, Marketing

Modern Angles created a marketplace for real-estate photography that pairs real estate photographers with fast moving CRE and residential real estate organizations.

We built a multi-stack booking platform that lets real estate professionals hire photographers for custom projects with a pricing engine that contractors can work within. The platform equips photographers to deliver their work at exceptional quality and provides solutions for the infrastructure issues that plague this industry like approvals, property access, asset delivery and requirements organization.

April 2021: ODW started building the website and designing the app.
March 2022: Modern Angles launched their platform.
November 2022: Modern Angles completes their 4,000th booking.
December 2023: Modern Angles completes an app UI/X refresh and their 10,000th booking.

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Modern Angles logomark and logotype


Modern Angles approached ODW to create a distinctive branding and digital experience for their innovative marketplace. The platform is designed to connect real estate photographers with commercial and residential real estate organizations, facilitating streamlined booking, project management, and delivery of high-quality photography services.


  1. User Diversity: The platform needed to cater to two main user groups with distinct needs: real estate professionals and photographers.
  2. Complex Interactions: Managing bookings, pricing, approvals, and asset deliveries required a robust system to handle complex workflows and interactions.
  3. Quality Assurance: Ensuring the delivery of high-quality outputs while managing large volumes of transactions was critical.
  4. Infrastructure Limitations: Addressing common industry issues such as property access and requirements organization was crucial for user satisfaction.

Solutions Delivered

  • Multi-Stack Booking Platform: A dynamic booking system that allows for customized project requests and a pricing engine adaptable to contractor rates.
  • Quality Control Mechanisms: Integrated quality assurance processes that enable photographers to deliver exceptional work consistently.
  • Infrastructure Solutions: Built-in solutions for property access, asset delivery, and requirements organization, addressing major industry pain points.


The launch of the Modern Angles platform significantly improved the ease and efficiency of hiring and managing real estate photography services. Key outcomes included:

  • Increased Engagement: Enhanced user interface and experience led to higher engagement rates among both photographers and real estate professionals.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and robust platform architecture reduced time spent on management and coordination.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High satisfaction rates were reported due to improved service quality and reliability.

We created the design system used to build the Modern Angles marketing website and app.

This work represents only a nominal portion of this project. If there is something you want to know, or you feel is missing, feel free to reach out below.

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