ODW is working with Freespoke to build a search engine that labels source bias

2021 — 2024
Website Design, App UI/X, Branding

Freespoke is a search engine at its core.

The product team lots of ideas on how to grow and improve the core search experience but the relative value of each was not clear. We worked together to create and deploy a multi-year testing schedule which covered the research, design, testing, and development of dozens of application improvements.

Our collaboration found the features users were most interested in, created marketing programs which drove users through key touch points, and then created development and hardening cycles where winning features were integrated & deployed across Freespoke applications.

July 2022 Update: Freespoke was funded via PE. PR Newswire coverage here.

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Freespoke logomark branding with 2021 and 2022 Holiday versions.
Branded icons were the foundation of signaling rich data into search results.

We partnered with the Freespoke product team to design & test our way from feature creep into feature clarity.

Creative testing hero search designs:
Branded light, dark, event topical, geo specific, and many other creative concepts were tested over a 6 month plan.

Search UI autocomplete and recommendations:
Search is core to the product. We built dozens of in-search contextual responses related to topical events like: elections, the covid pandemic, weather events, and national news.

News card component updates allowing for contextual rich data
Building the parent news card component was imperative to improving the product experience. This feature is used on all environments: web applications, mobile web, mobile apps, and tablet apps, and supports varied contextual content like videos, tweets, news articles, and more.

This work represents only a nominal portion of this project. If there is something you want to know, or you feel is missing, feel free to reach out below.

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