Developing a secure, compliant, and user-friendly research platform for AISI

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The AI Safety Institute is a directorate of the UK Government's Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology focused on facilitating research that will enable advanced AI governance.

ODW worked with DSIT to help bring their newest directorate to life. The website acts as a centralized repository for all research findings, publications, and updates related to AI safety and governance. This ensures that stakeholders and the public have easy access to the latest information and developments.

Osborn Design Works (ODW) collaborated with the AI Safety Institute (AISI) to build a robust and user-friendly website that meets stringent technical requirements, GDPR compliance, and provides a seamless platform for research and work updates. This case study highlights the challenges, solutions, and eventual outcome:

AISI logotype variants

AISI needed a website that:

  • Complied with GDPR regulations to ensure data privacy and security.
  • Integrated a flexible Content Management System (CMS) to facilitate ongoing research, event, and impact assessment updates.
  • Met specific technical requirements to support various functionalities and user interactions at scale and with redundancy.

With streamlined content management, DSIT can efficiently organize and disseminate research outputs. This efficiency helps maximize the impact of their resources and efforts in advancing AI governance.

This case study represents only a nominal portion of ODW's work with the AI Safety Institute (AISI). If you have a question about this work or are interested in hiring ODW, please reach out.

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