Create beautiful vector art compositions with one click

The mini magic moodboard generator creates simple harmonic drawings at perfect vector quality. Use powerful controls to customize the colors, theme, contrast and detail to create artwork directly for your brand or design project. It's like magic!

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Mini Magic Moodboard Generator

is free on the Figma Community.

No install is required! Try it in our demo file in seconds, or open one of your projects and follow these three steps:

1. Open Resources:
Shift + i
2. Select:
Mini Magic Moodboard Generator

Mini Magic Moodboard Generator is currently free to use! If it is helping you create background art, social content, or other iterative designs please let us know on social media and consider upgrading to pro mode for fast generation and more custom controls.

  • One-click to create beautiful, editable vector compositions
  • Fully control color, detail, and more
  • Pro mode offers faster bulk creation and more customization


Why do I need Mini Magic Moodboard Generator?

Whether you're working on a design project, putting together a creative presentation, or just looking to explore new ideas, Mini Magic Moodboard is a huge time saver in creating high quality vector artwork.

  1. Use the color controls to create branded supporting visuals for your key assets.
  2. Turn down the 'light' to reduce contrast and create background art for social content, or banner ads.
  3. Create a bunch of compositions to get creative ideas for any design project.


Mini Magic Moodboard Generator is free to use

We did a survey and the results were clear: users want non-subscription pricing options. For this reason we design all of our apps, to work without subscriptions.

MMMG Pro Lifetime Access

Get pro mode forever with a one time payment in the app. No keys, no licenses. It super easy. Pro mode offers more customizations and lets you create artwork faster with queue prioritization, and with more advanced controls.

Get Pro Lifetime Access in the Plugin for $6
Pro Mode offers controls for organic shapes and confetti like creations.
Controls for aspect ratio
Influence the composition to hug the canvas edges or clump nodes together.

Upgrade your account by buying Pro Lifetime Access through the plugin.

  • Get lifetime access: No sign ups, no keys to copy and paste. It's a one-click upgrade!
  • Skip the queue: Get instant minis. Generate as fast as you can click.
  • More advanced controls: Add accent colors, change the layout, change the aspect ratio, style, and more.
  • Bulk generator: It's a numbers game. Getting more minis means you will get more great minis.
Get Pro Lifetime Access in the Plugin for $6

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Mini Magic Moodboard Generator work?

  1. Set theme color: The theme color will be used as a starting point for your artwork's palette. Depending on other settings you might get a lot of variance from that palette, but if you generate a few you will definitely get some good options that match the brand.
  2. Adjust the light: This control is interesting. It does a few things, but the best way to think of it adds contrast to brighter colors by increasing palette saturation, and it adds contrast to darker themes by increasing brightness. It's hard to explain but try both ends on the slider and it will make sense visually.
  3. Adjust the complexity: This control adds more objects to your composition. High risk and high reward.
  4. Adjust the depth: This adds some dimension and subtle gradients to your moodboard. A little goes a long way here.

Are my moodboards editable?

  • Yes. All of the shapes are vector objects made with figma's normal shape, line, spline, polygon, and vector nodes. You can select them, delete them, and adjust in any way.
  • Try removing the fill and assigning your own strokes to create some cool effects. You can also copy the frames as an SVG and get even more customization in Illustrator.

Is the Mini Magic Moodboard Generator an AI tool?

MMMG is AI assisted. Unlike language-models, and other generative AI, MMMG only used AI in development iterate more quickly towards effective and interesting design results. The app integrates seamlessly with Figma, so you can directly use the generated shapes in your design projects.

Can this help me overcome creative block?

Mini Magic Moodboard Generator is designed to help kickstart your creative process. By generating a wide variety of random shapes and color combinations, it provides a visual starting point that can spark new ideas. You can use these shapes as inspiration for your project or even incorporate them directly into your designs. It's like having a mini design assistant that offers fresh visual ideas whenever you need them.

My social media accounts need a constant stream of unique visuals for posts. Can this app help?

  • Mini Magic Moodboard Generator can be an incredible time-saver for creating unique visuals for blogs, articles, and social media. The app generates random shapes with pleasing aesthetics, which can be used as standalone graphics or as part of a larger design. You can generate a batch of shapes and save them for future use, ensuring you always have a library of unique visuals ready for your posts.
  • You can generate a series of shapes that align with the theme or mood of your article, creating a cohesive visual narrative. The generated shapes are also great for creating interesting headers, footers, or sidebar images, adding a professional and artistic touch to your blog.


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