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Beaming Health

ODW is working with Beaming Health to improve pediatric special needs care

2021 — 2024
Branding, Website Design, App UI/X

Beaming Health helps families find autism care & support.

Every idea starts with a problem. Beaming's was simple: it should not be this hard for neurodiverse individuals and their families to access the resources they need. After launching the MVP care directory we worked through 12+ months of continuous product design, and market-fit hardening to secure fundraising with minimal dilution despite a tough economic environment.

Today, Beaming Health is a one-stop family care resource with family-first features:

  • A dynamic user road map with steps to care and home-care resources
  • Web based autism screeners
  • Powerful search and provider indexing
  • Custom provider success metrics and reviews
  • Provider dashboard with analytics

2021 Update: Beaming Health completed a PE Angel round.
January 2023 Update: Beaming Health completed their Series A. Crunchbase coverage here.

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Beaming Care logo
Beaming Health home page

Osborn Design Works partnered with the Beaming Health team to design their brand, web application, and go to market strategy.

We wanted an approachable but authoritative brand that doctors would be comfortable working with and families would trust. We worked to pick out the name, the domain, the color palette, logotype, and the logo mark.

Web application
We partnered with an offshore development team to build the Beaming Health web application powered by a completely custom react project with a provider search, unique user roadmap generation, and a clinician side dashboard.

Beaming went through many rounds of fundraising and monetization. We worked out mechanisms to ensure the platforms operability, and financial security while still advocating for the needs of the end users. Additionally we rolled out features in a HIPAA compliant manor with exhaustive documentation and technical over site.

UI Modal Selection

This work represents only a nominal portion of this project. If there is something you want to know, or you feel is missing, feel free to reach out below.

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