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Osborn Design Works build apps for designers, developers and marketers. All of our tools are free to use in Figma and solve everyday problems designers encounter. Get better PDF exports, design accessibility guidance, fight creative block, and more.

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Our Figma Apps

We build apps for designers, devs, and marketers.

Component Collector

Save time and get new UI and visual design ideas by collecting top pre-made Figma components. Sign up to get free components, and add them to any Figma project with just one click.
  • Add high quality components directly in Figma with one click
  • Browse, search, filter, and collect new Figma components

Compressed PDF and Image Exporter

The Compressed PDF and Image Exporter Figma plugin lets you reorder pages and specify the resolution and compression levels for exported PDFs. Create lightweight PDFs that are easy to review and easy to share over email, slack, etc.
  • Create better image and PDF exports
  • Reorder PDF pages and bulk export
  • Control quality and file size

Design Battles

All designers create multiple options, but which is best? Ask your gut, ask your team, and now.. You can ask all of Figma. Get early access and claim your username today.
  • Ask hundreds of designers: ‘Which design is better?
  • It's easy to get design reviews in Figma. No exporting, uploading, or formatting required.
  • Its fun to give design reviews with a convenient reaction based feedback system.

Mini Magic Moodboard Generator

The mini magic moodboard generator creates simple harmonic drawings at perfect vector quality. Use powerful controls to customize the colors, theme, contrast and detail to create artwork directly for your brand or design project. It's like magic!
  • One-click to create beautiful, editable vector compositions
  • Fully control color, detail, and more
  • Pro mode offers faster bulk creation and more customization

64+ Mobile Device Mockup Component

Get free high quality phone mockups components directly in Figma: Clay, Realistic, Flat, Vector, iPhone, Pixel, Samsung devices.
  • 64 componentized devices that are highly usable and modifiable
  • iPhone, Samsung, Pixel devices
  • Clay & vector versions
  • High quality realistic versions
  • Componentized shadows and color
  • They are all frontal views to make the content easy to swap out

Accessibility Simulator

Accessibility Simulator is a powerful Figma plugin that helps designers better understand the challenges faced by users. Simulate different types of vision loss and identify accessibility issues early in the design process and ensure a more inclusive user experience.
  • See your design as it appears for visually impaired users
  • Fully simulate the most common visual impairments
  • Includes WCAG AA 2.0 design guidelines

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We'd love to hear from you. We build these plugins because they solve problems we frequently run into in our own design process. If you have an idea or feedback, let us know!

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