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ODW helped Winback bring SMS marketing to ecommerce

2020 — 2022
Branding, Website Development, UI/X

Winback is a Shopify web application that gives users intuitive access to powerful SMS marketing tools.

When we started working together Winback was slowly growing due to solid reviews and demonstrated ROI from usage across a host of small ecommerce websites. However they were held back by a non-existent online presence, and UX issues surfacing from route-less new features.

We were brought on to help reposition the brand and improve their user journey. We started by rebranding the app, building some landing pages, then a website, and a variety of marketing and some advertising. All of these benefited from a custom Hubspot integration, and analytics strategy enabled with GTM.

We forced an appealing growth curve to position the the product for acquisition, and found that exit around 1 year later.

January 2022 Update: Winback was acquired by Wishpond. Read coverage here.

We built a web service that lets Shopify stores create their own gamified phone number capture methods and a CRM integrated portal that recovers cart abandons with SMS marketing via the captured leads.

Direct Response Landing Page

Mobile Service

Mobile Dashboard


Page Variation

Marketing Hero

Dashboard Mock-up / Marketing Assets

Logotype Branding

Avatar Branding

Social Marketing Asset

This work represents only a nominal portion of the Winback project. If there is something you want to know, please reach out below.

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