Easily create high-quality mobile device mockups in Figma for free

Get free high quality phone mockups components directly in Figma: Clay, Realistic, Flat, Vector, iPhone, Pixel, Samsung devices.

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64+ Mobile Device Mockup Component

is free on the Figma Community.

No install is required! Try it in our demo file in seconds, or open one of your projects and follow these three steps:

1. Open Resources:
Shift + i
2. Select:
64+ Mobile Device Mockup Component

This project is completely free to use! Copy the components or use the demo file to create high quality artwork mockups in clay, realistic, and vector styles.

  • 64 componentized devices that are highly usable and modifiable
  • iPhone, Samsung, Pixel devices
  • Clay & vector versions
  • High quality realistic versions
  • Componentized shadows and color
  • They are all frontal views to make the content easy to swap out

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