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All designers create multiple options, but which is best? Ask your gut, ask your team, and now.. You can ask all of Figma. Get early access and claim your username today.

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Design Battles

is free on the Figma Community.

No install is required! Try it in our demo file in seconds, or open one of your projects and follow these three steps:

1. Open Resources:
Shift + i
2. Select:
Design Battles

Designers help each other and designs battle each other?! Get quick reactions on your designs from hundreds of other designers and then give your reactions when they submit their work. Its fun to vote, and easy to use.

The plugin is free to use! Reserve your spot in early access today.

  • Ask hundreds of designers: ‘Which design is better?
  • It's easy to get design reviews in Figma. No exporting, uploading, or formatting required.
  • Its fun to give design reviews with a convenient reaction based feedback system.


What does Design Battles do?

We are designers, and we work with designers all of the time. We know that when designers create things they are always making multiple options for the thing. When we get a few decent solutions we ask our team which they like better.

Design Battles let's you open this up to all of Figma.

  1. It's super easy to get feedback. Run the plugin and select two frames that you want designers to choose between.
  2. It's super fun to give feedback. You can vote easily with reactions, or leave a more comprehensive comment.
  3. Level up. You can unlock new features by submitting high quality designs that get lots of votes, and by voting on other designs.


It's free.

We ran a survey and the results were clear: users want non-subscription pricing options. Design Battles will always be free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone see my figma files?

No. Design Battles essentially takes a screenshot of the two frames you select. Only those frames will be shared and voted on and they will not give anyone access to your components, team, or files.

What is shared?

  • Only the frame you select
  • Only the title you set and the description you write in the plugin

What does voting / reviewing entail?

It's as easy as clicking on a reaction. You can also leave a more detailed review if you like. Voting is fun and requesting feedback is easy.

Why is my avatar an egg? I want to customize it.

Everyone starts out as an egg. New avatars are unlocked by leveling up! The more you vote, and the more votes your design battles get, the more levels you will gain.

When can I use Design Battles?

We are launching the beta as soon as it's ready, and happy to hear interest and feedback on the app at Figma's Config event in San Francisco this summer. Join the waitlist to get early access.

Connect with us on social media and we can meet up at Config this year.

Design Battles: Give your reaction and you can see all of the other reactions.

If you cover one of our apps let us know! We are happy to give you a backlink.


Something is not working..

Email us at:
Screenshots and context are helpful for debugging.

All of our apps have some error tracking and reporting built in, but it's always helpful to hear from users.

Want to support development?

We appreciate all of the support we get. The best way to support us is to share the plugin, buy a license, or check out our other apps.

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