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The Empire State Building

2015 — 2023
Marketing, Design, Dev, WCAG

Empire State Realty Trust (NYSE: ESRT) is a leading real estate investment trust with office and retail properties in Manhattan and the greater New York metropolitan area.

At Lorelli Assocaites, my team put together the pitch to become The Empire State Building's marketing partner through, and beyond their 2015 — 2019 Observatory re-development. The eventual success of this project set the groundwork for several years of advertising material which is still in use today.

Outside of the Empire State Building, I have regularly worked on ad campaigns, marketing plans, CRM programming, and a variety of media for ESRT's commercial portfolio since 2015.

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During and since their IPO my team has worked with the ESRT marketing team to bring their portfolio-wide marketing programs into the digital age.

Empire State Building Landing Page

Google Display Ads

Full Page Ad
Empire State Building Full Page Ads
GDN Displa Ads

Commerical Observer Spread

Landing Page

Landing Page

Banner Ads

Marketing Email

This work represents only a nominal portion of this project. If there is something you want to know, or you feel is missing, feel free to reach out below.

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