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SL Green Realty

2016 — 2023
Marketing, Design, SEO, Dev

SL Green (NYSE: SLG) is New York City's largest commercial landlord.

My team at Lorelli has worked with SLG marketing leadership since 2015. Together we have created countless ads, brands, and marketing solutions for their constantly evolving portfolio.

SLG is known for their capital improvement programs by which office buildings are revitalized with improved amenities, HVAC, wired infrastructure, public space, etc. and marketed premium products.

My team matched this model by creating time-efficient rebrands for revitalized buildings and cutting edge marketing materials incorporating renderings, building wraps, maps, and wayfinding graphics.

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NYC office space is highly competitive, expensive and complicated. Understanding the correct USPs and their hierarchy is crucial.

CO Cover Wrap

Banner Ads

Commercial ObserverCover

Interactive Stack Plan

Interactive Map

Pre-dev Assets

Direcnt Mail Asset

215 PAS Email

This work represents only a nominal portion of this project. If there is something you want to know, or you feel is missing, feel free to reach out below.

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