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Center for AI Safety

ODW is working with CAIS to elevate safety in the global AI conversation

2022 — 2023
Branding, Design, Dev

The Center for AI Safety (CAIS) is a non-profit dedicated to reducing societal-scale risks from artificial intelligence.

In the summer of 2023 AI took the world's imagination by storm with wave after wave of public attention. We worked with CAIS leadership to develop the CAIS brand & web strategy with the goal of launching the new site while the AI narrative was still malleable.

April 2023: We launched the CIAS website.
May 30th, 2023: We launched the Statement on AI Risk.

Press Coverage: New York Times, Time, Ars Technica, The Washington Post

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We went live with the new website in April and one month later launched the infamous AI Safety letter.

In just 22 words it crystalized the stance of scientists and business leaders around the world. We developed a highly redundant method of capturing and authenticating signatories for the letter as well as a variety of tactics to collect thousands of signatures while still keeping the project embargoed until its release. In the end, the CAIS letter signatories includes: Sam Altman, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and over 1,000 scientists from DeepMind, Open AI, Meta, and more.

CAIS branded artwork
The CAIS AI Risk Letter
Coverage of the AI Risk Letter
CAIS website designs

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